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Lakeview Estates Community Association
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Lakeview Estates Community Association (LECA) – A brief History

In August 2002, representatives from the various stratas and freehold areas met to discuss a proposal for a Community Association and also discuss a proposal for a Beach Easement exchange - from the properties north of the current beach area to its current location. A "beach club", consisting of members of this community, existed at that time. The Beach Club was instrumental in working with the Canadian Lakeview Estates community and thearea's developer to renegotiate the beach easements to its current location. Part of the negotiations included capital funds from the developer to purchase materials to build the boat dock, swimdock, swim platform and washrooms. These facilities were built by volunteers. The current beach easement negotiated by the Beach Club also included a condition that use of the beach easement by the community is contingent on the maintenance of the easement and payment of liability insurance.

Eventually the Beach Club was dissolved and, in late 2004, Lakeview Estates Community Association(LECAwas formed to serve the growing number of owners and residents living in Canadian Lakeview Estates (CLE) by providing management and maintenance of the new beach facilities.

The goals of the Association have evolved over the years and currently focus on:

• facilitating access to recreational resources;
• helping to facilitate communication within the community;
• facilitating a healthy and aesthetically pleasant environment;
• lobbying the City of Vernon to ensure the community’s needs are being met

In addition to maintaining and improving the beach easement and meeting the above goals, LECA has been successful in the following:

• publishing 5 Newsletters per year;
• holding 2 social functions in the community for all residents;
• lobbying the City for safe rroadways, walking shoulders and barricades along Tronson Road, etc;
• lobbying federal and provincial government agencies for removal of a houseboat along the community's lakeshore;
• providing secure access to the beach area;
• installing a new welcoming neighborhood sign on Tronson Rd;
• with the full support of CLE residents, overturning the City of Vernon's West Bella Vista Neighbourhood Plan for construction of two, 4-story multi-family buildings on the old Morning Glory property on Tronson Road, adjacent to CLE;
• lobbying City of Vernon Council for the establishment of a fire hall in the Bella Vista area- ongoing project;
• securing parkland within Canadian Lakeview Estates throughlong - term negotiations with the City of Vernon and the owners of the property - ongoing project;
• ongoing contact with the City of Vernon Planning Department for construction of a trailor path from Kestrel Gate to the north end of the lakeshore - ongoing project.

LECA has held an Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year since April 19,2005. We encourage all owners of Canadian Lakeview Estates to attend the AGM,however,only paid Members are eligible to vote.

To contact LECA please email: lecasecretary@gmail.com