Lakeview Estates Community Association
Lakeview Estates Community Association
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Policy: Boaters use of beach facilities - click here to download

Swim area-boat launch buoys - click here

Buoy Regulations - click here

1) - Boat owners who choose to have their boats moored on the lake are entirely responsible for their boats and buoys.

2) - All boat buoys must be placed in the lake in compliance with the approval of Marine Safety and Transport Canada under the Navigable Waters Protection Act. Contact the program to determine appropriate placement of buoys.

3) - Any damages to the community beach facilities by boats coming loose are the full responsibility of the boat owner(s) to cover attendant repair costs fully.

4) - Damages to the community beach facilities (per #3) will be immediately repaired through leca as LECA is liable for any injuries, etc., from damaged facilities. The boat owner(s) will be invoiced for full payment.

5) - LECA does not have mediator status nor any involvement whatsoever in determining fault in incidents involving more than one boat. That determination is entirely the responsibility of the respective boat owners.

All boat owners using the boat ramp and dock do so at their own risk and must use due care and deligence. To avoid costly repairs the preferred method to load/unload is to use a rope, not power, to prevent damage to the riprap under the water beyond the ramp.